Clear Media is the largest operator of bus shelter advertising panels in China, with leading market shares more than 70% in top-tier cities, broad presence in the fastest growing cities across the country. We provide one-stop solutions for countrywide advertising campaigns for our customers. Listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 2001 under the stock code 100, Clear Media's largest shareholder is Clear Channel Outdoor (NYSE: CCO), one of the world's largest outdoor media companies.

Our Vision

Our overarching objective is to lead as the largest and the most successful outdoor advertising company in China.

We are leading the industry because we focus on the quality of our products and adhere to the highest professional standards in the industry locally and globally. Clear Media offers a business model which benefits all stakeholders in a proven win-win-win partnership.

Our Strategy

Enlarge our Network

Capitalizing on our proven business model, we will continue to increase our media inventory by securing commercial bus shelter concessions in key growing cities. The launch of our other formats of outdoor advertising media will further broaden our product offerings to complement our advertisers' marketing campaigns.

Seize Consolidation Opportunities

China's outdoor advertising industry is highly fragmented. By accessing financial resources from the capital markets, we will employ an active acquisition strategy and take advantage of the numerous acquisition opportunities to expand our network throughout China.

Leverage On Relationships

As China continues its modernizations and growing ties with the global economies, we look forward to strengthening our relationship with all leading local and multinational advertisers to expand our already broad clientele. We have a unique advantage in accessing multi-nationals through Clear Channel's leadership in the global advertising industry.

Exploit Potential of Existing Network

We will continue to leverage the unique strength of our nationwide network, optimize occupancy and improve yield. With a world-class inventory management software, we can identify and categorize our media units to allow greater flexibility and accuracy in inventory planning and allocation, to serve our rapidly growing list of leading advertisers.

Our result-oriented market research jointly conducted with our advertisers provides strong return-on-investment analysis for our existing clients. And actionable insights to attract new advertisers to our powerful national media network.

Digital Plan

In July 2014, we introduced our first batch of commercial digital panels aimed at attracting new advertising revenue stream. We will explore opportunities to expand our digital network to other key cities in China.